Website WAWF

The We Are Wimbledon Fund collects money for the third-tier English football club AFC Wimbledon. They’re aiming to raise an extra £150,000 per year through various activities.

2020, March

A great opportunity for me and also something I like to work on because it will help the fan owned football club AFC Wimbledon in their dream to become a Premier League team one day. Back at the spot, where the old Wimbledon FC story ended.

The We Are Wimbledon Fund wanted an easy maintainable new website. The website should be able to sell new merchandise products, handle single donations so that people from all over the world can donate to various campaigns and inform current donors about the progress of their donations. With the old website, there was only the ability to inform donors. There weren’t many other restrictions from the Fund.

Building Process

Because the fact the We Are Wimbledon Fund wants to raise money, the look and feel of the website should look professional and modern. I kept that in mind during the whole process. By using the white color a lot, the websites keeps it’s professional look.

I decided to build the website from scratch. I’ve done this with the popular WordPress CMS and a themebuilder plugin called Elementor. With this plugin you can create custom themes that are easy maintainable for the website admins. As shop solution I used WooCommerce and an integration with payment service provider Stripe. To enable donations form the website, I’ve decided to use a plugin called GiveWP that also had the possibility to integrate with Stripe. That both plugins can communicate with Stripe is a great extra, this keeps the work that has to be done by the Fund easy.

While building the website, the communication between the Fund and me was great. They provided me with the correct information so that I could keep working on the new website and finish the puzzle.


Before the website was deployed to the public, I created a so called staging environment for the Fund so they could keep track of my work and provide me with feedback. A few days before the big launch, the staging environment became the live version, so we could test the website in the same situation all other users will do in a few days. Checking things like the payment gateway, the shop plugin and more, to check if they work as expected.

Communication of Launch

Finally, I helped the Fund with communicating the relaunch of the website by creating some new images for them. I chose to create a new logo that suits with the style of the new website. Those images are used by them on their Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find the images on their socials down below!