Website SVC2000

Football club SVC2000 is my local amateur football club. Besides being a member of the club, I’ve also played a role in building (and still maintaining) their new website.

2020, March

Back in 2016 when the website was created, together with a few others, I played a big role updating the old website into a modern and new one. Currently I’m still working on the website doing things like keeping it up-to-date and improving it even more.

As project group we’ve once decided to create a new website that had to be maintainable for non-IT people. The old website was made within the Joomla CMS and wasn’t really user-friendly according to the group. So that’s why I’ve suggested we should use WordPress for this. It’s more user-friendly than Joomla, and it has more possibilities than the CMS they’ve used before, simply because it has a bigger community.

Furthermore, the club wanted a few things on the website like a sign-up form with payment integration, a place to publish news, so everybody involved in the club can keep notified  and finally integrate with the Sports Data API that the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) provides to keep track of teams, fixtures, results, postponed matches, etc.

Sports Data API

To make it possible to show data from the Sport Data API, I created my own WordPress Plugin that could handle so called short-codes (In WordPress used to include blocks on a page). First I created an admin settings page where the API-key could be filled in. Without key, the data can’t be fetched. From there, the user can fetch the different teams, training sessions and commissions that are defined in the Sports Data API.

While fetching, each object would get a unique id that can be used in those short-codes. Data that can be displayed with my plugin are:

  • Team Summary
  • Results
  • Fixtures
  • Standings
  • Birthdays
  • Postponed matches
  • Commission Summary
  • Next match widget per team

To see the different short-codes in action, go and view the website and navigate to for example the team pages.


From 2016 until today, I’ve updated the site in several ways. Once in a while I update all paragraphs to keep the content on the website actual and relevant. Besides that, I also tried to add new look and feeling. That’s what I did on the news pages. Before, the highlighted image were using almost the full screen. The user would have to scroll down before reading the text of the article. I’ve introduced a theme builder called Elementor. This theme builder is now working on the news pages to display the article in a clean and nice way. It’s possible to create a template that can be applied.

Have a look on their website and see the result!