Website ISY School

ISY School is a communication tool for elementary schools based in both The Netherlands and Germany. Their achievement is to grow and become the main player in both countries.

2020, May

ISY School is a relative new player on the market. The idea is to create the most used communication tool for school teachers and directors to communicate with the parent of the children who go there. Their first product was an online platform to which both teachers and parents could navigate. A few years ago they brought a mobile app to the markets. This connected the parents even more with the school, because nowadays everybody uses their phone everywhere they go.

To become the biggest and best, you should have a decent website that can tell your story and why your customers should choose for your brand. Unfortunately, that missed. Together with Brghtsense I’ve partnered up in creating a new website for ISY School. The result of a research done on the old website showed that the potential customer didn’t look any further than the first page they entered. Together with the facts that the old website wasn’t equipped with nowadays techniques and not very user-friendly, it made the perfect case to create a new website for the company. We gave ourselfes a few goals for the new website:

  • Add modern techniques to the website
  • Make sure the design is more in-line with the platform itself
  • Get enquiries much easier
  • Give the website an overall upgrade


Before randomly creating a new website out of the box, we had some conversations with the client about how he wanted to have his new website and how it should look like. Those conversation led up to a first design concept of the new website. We promised ourselves that the design had to be approved before we started with any of the development.

The recently made app and platform had a very different look than the website had, it didn’t match. I tried to keep that in mind while designing the new website by using the best elements from both app and platform. I said goodbye to the old-looking dominant purple and greeted a colourful palette of 4 colours. Together with a slight grey tone as background color, that was the foundation to the website’s new design.

ISY School - Base Colours


The idea was to create the new website in WordPress. This because the old website was also built in the same CMS and the client is well known in the WordPress CMS and knows how to use it properly. Besides it’s going to be a WordPress website there weren’t any other restrictions or wishes that had to be on the website. After the final GO on the designs, it didn’t took long for us to implement the we website.

To automate the customer experience of the client, we’ve decided to connect the website to multiple tools to make this happen. One example of the tools we’ve connected is MailChimp. This makes it easy for the client to keep track of new customers and the way to interact with them.

While developing the new website for the client, we held close contact with them. We’ve asked many times for any feedback on the work we’ve done, but other than small improvements the website was as expected. After some finetuning was doen to the final version, we’ve decided to give the website a GO and turned off the maintenance mode we added before.

See the screenshots below or navigate to the website to view it yourself.