Eclat Executive

Co-AFC Wimbledon fan Damian Woodward asked me to build a new brand for his new company and build a brand around it.

2020, July

Brand Design

Before I started with building a new website straight away, I decided to create the brand. the name of the company ‘Eclat Executive’ has some meaning to it. I found out that the noun ‘eclat ‘ has the following meaning: brilliant success. Besides this meaning, ‘eclat’ means shine in French. that’s why I introduced a diamond shape as company logo.

So I started with a diamond as shape. After I had the diamond as shape, I tried to move EE into the shape to make it even more unique. That led to the designs on the right.

We both agreed that there was no space enough to put two E’s in the current diamond shape, to fix this I decided to create a new diamond with more space to fit both E’s. that led to the designs on the right.

Again, together, we decided that the first one of the last designs was the one to go with as his new brand logo. The next part of the brand was the use of a font. Damian wanted a very simple font but clear to read. I chose to use the Sen font by Google. It has a simple look and feel, just like Damian wanted.

After the image and font, we discussed the colours of the brand. I tried a combination of the colours yellow and grey and Damian liked it from the beginning. I added the colour to both only the diamond and the diamond with the company’s name underneath it.

Delivering the website

Damian wanted me to create a website that is easy to maintain and is user-friendly. So I decided to work with the WordPress CMS to build the website in. This because Damian can maintain his website by himself without many help. As theme builder I used Elementor, this is an easy to use drag and drop page builder that doesn’t need a lot of knowledge to build with.

I wanted to try a new way of navigating on the website than the normal way we use websites. As homepage we decided that there had to be a slider with a few slides that introduce the visitors to the brand and to Damian. From there the user could navigate to the menu which contains all the pages on the website. When the user visits a certain page, the visitor can read through the content of the page and finally, at the end navigate through to the next page or go back one, without the use of the menu again. Just like you would read a book.

Furthermore, I tried to use diamond throughout the design of the website. Some examples are the faded diamonds as background on the details pages and the rotated diamond shapes on top of the footer.

Check out Damian’s website down below!